It’s the end of the year once again.

I feel lazy to the write this, but having just read my last Euwyn Wrapped 2021, I feel obligated to, in order to keep up my trend of yearly reflections.

But also, it is a good habit, I believe, and great for sentimentality’s sake too. So there’s no loss here.

I already journal daily, and encapsulate 7 of those daily journals in a weekly review, and now I could do a super high-level review of 52 of those weeks, without taking the time to jump into my journals.

I also write a lot more raw, unfiltered, honestly, and confidently now, and I have also been speaking in this manner — which addresses one of the goals I set for 2022 — to improve my verbal confidence. Interestingly, the road to achieving this goal was not quite the typical arc of any goal, in the sense that there is a clear goal, a clear way to measure it, a clear way to get there, a road of optimisation and repetition, but I have gotten there after getting clarity on my framing of life and my conduct in general. I did not have to work hard in optimisation-land, since I played around with the beliefs which informed my conduct. This belief is best explained in my essay Artistic Purity (Axiom 20 in my book ‘Frames & Axioms’), but here is a key line:

The great artist does not care about the worth of his art, only the purity of his art as an emanation of himself.

2022 Recap: What will 2022 look like, and how it looked

The Big Project: Frames & Axioms.


25 axioms written. Only problem is, the book has now blown out to 50 axioms, so I need one more year to finish the remaining 25.